Cleandent®now fills this gap.

Cleandent® as developed to fullfil the markets gap in lack of products that could meet the requirements imposed by a good dental floss holder.

Our high-quality products are characterized by their simplicity to use and small consumption of dental floss. Also, any dental floss can be used.

So simple

Good appearance and health are, at the present time, an achievable goal available to averybody. As millions of people invest huge ammounts in dental corrections and whiter teeth, Cleandent® is an important tool that helps you to have beautiful and healthy teeth, providing great results with a low cost. Cleandent® will help prevent diseases and avoid painful corrections, as the loss of your precious, irreplaceable teeth. Ingeniously simple, highly effective, super-smart – the latest in interdental care. Simply insert the open holder into the slots on the special box (the floss is tightened by closing the lever) and detach using the cutter. That’s it!


Cleandent® unrivalled, because it is absolutely hygienic to use and you can use your own, usual floss. There are already many devices that have floss integrated in them. So test it for yourself. With Cleandent® we have introduced a unique tooth cleaning instrument onto the market. As it is a patented construction, you will only receive the original when purchasing a Cleandent® floss holder. Cleandent® is a must have product to all floss. Only Cleandent® makes using floss so easy for everyone, and encourages so many people to use floss daily.

“Brushing your teeth is not enough! “